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Zenobia: Your New Baby

"How soft and tight this torso doll is, these hoes feel tittys super soft,Everything is amazing on this beauty !!! You just have to try it !!"


"Minaj had an Premium Super Soft Liquid Jelly butt, She looks real, feels magnificent !"

Customer Review

Pretty nice!

This is the first big fake booty body I've purchased and I'll have to say it's a pretty exquisite piece. Very tough as I've beat those cheeks up to the max with no rips or tears! The titties feel realistic when you slap n jiggle em. Also, I would like to mention that it's the perfect weight as it's light enough to clean with no hassle but heavy enough to stay put when you're slamming that salmon. Thanks guys!

Sex Doll Torso Canada - Torso Masturbator Doll for Men & Women

Canada's professional sex doll torso online store. Most realistic TPE & Silicone torso masturbators are ready for you. Ship from CANADA and ONLY 59+ Canadian dollars!! All torso sex toys are lighter weight, easier to use, clean & maintain. Don't miss it.

FAQ about Nicetorso

Nicetorso is An Affordable Sex Doll Torso Premium Reseller in Canada. When people need to spend thousands of CAD to buy a sex doll torso, Nicetorso appears, which means you can get a high-end torso sex doll without hurting your wallet. There is no need to doubt the quality. Nicetorso just wants to save you money, but the torso sex toys listed by Nicetorso are of first-class quality. The reason for saving money is the lower cost of bulk purchasing and shipping, nothing more.

Nicetorso is the online store for realistic deluxe silicone and TPE torso sex dolls. Choose Nicetorso to buy a torso masturbator and you will not be disappointed.

  • Cheap Sex Doll Torso. You should buy anything without hurting your wallet, and Nicetorso offers the best solution for this. Nicetorso takes advantage of bulk purchasing and transportation, integrates resources, reduces costs, and only provides users with affordable and high-quality torso love dolls. You can get a very real men torso, female torso, shemale torso, or a big butt sex toy for as low as $99.
  • High-quality Sex Torso Dolls. Nicetorso promises to supply the torso sex dolls of the highest quality. Every torso sex toy is a top choice among our customers. Because Nicetorso knows that users not only spend money but also time when looking for a torso doll, so ensuring quality is particularly important.
  • Free Shipping. Free shipping on all Nicetorso products, no limit on the amount.
  • Fast Delivery. Don’t worry about international shipping taking a long time, your order will be processed and shipped nearby. Most orders only take 3-7 working days to be successfully delivered.
  • Quick response. Nicetorso won't let its customers wait too long. First, Nicetorso optimizes the entire shopping process to ensure a smooth process. Secondly, when you need help while shopping, Nicetorso's professional customer support will respond quickly. Finally, Nicetorso’s pre-sales and after-sales customer service will reply to customers’ emails within 24 hours.
  • 90-day Easy Returns. If there is a product quality problem, Nicetorso supports the easy return process, but only if it is not used. I believe this is easy to explain. Once used, all sex toys cannot be returned or exchanged. Therefore, when you receive your torso toy, carefully check the outer packaging and other details of the package. If you have any questions, please contact Nicetorso customer support team on time.
  • Easy Refund And Cancel. Want to cancel your order before shipping and get a refund? Nicetorso supports fast refunds.
  • Absolute Privacy Package. Nicetorso is a professional sex doll torso online shopping website. We have seven years of experience in selling sex toys. Therefore, we understand the importance of privacy packages. Nicetorso promises that there will be no descriptions or words about sex on the package.

Yes, you will get the sex doll torso that matches the picture. Nicetorso has a comprehensive buyer protection policy, and you can contact our customer support team at any time if you have any questions. All torso sex toys from Nicetorso guarantee the ultimate real skin touch and look.

Yes, a high level of metal skeleton is built in. There are more sex positions you can try.

However, some mini size sex doll torsos do not have built-in keels. There are also some torso body dildos that do not have built-in metal keels.

Nicetorso lists the most popular torso sex toys on the market. Here you can find all torso-related sex toys.

Who can refuse a torso doll that can not only enjoy riding sex but also experience compact anal sex? Yes, the male torso sex toy is the most popular type among our users because it is not only the best way for women to masturbate and enjoy riding sex. It is the best choice for men or gays to enjoy compact anal play. Many users even buy it to participate in the couple's sex life. Indeed, that is not bad.

Next up, another one of our best collections, is the female torso sex toy, which is completely copied from a real woman's body. Not only does it have lifelike breasts, an anus, and a vagina, but it also has a very real, soft, and sustainable internal passage, and what’s even better is that it feels indistinguishable from real skin. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for male masturbation sex toys. On Reddit, players exclaimed that it is one of the greatest inventions of this century, second only to the smartphone.

In addition, Nicetorso also supplies 4 in 1 shemale torso dolls. These torso masterbaters have extremely realistic tits, anuses, cocks, and vaginas that feel very real and are loved by men, women, gays, lesbians, and couples.

When it comes to sex toys, doggy style can never be avoided. That's right, Nicetorso has listed the most comprehensive big-ass sex doll torso in order to allow users to enjoy excellent and real doggy-style play. You can find a 3kg real ass sex toy, or you can find a 20kg 1:1 big ass , that was modeled using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and made 1:1 from the model of the porn star. Even better, the largest one is designed with two independent channels, so you can feel the real sexual pleasure brought by sucking.

FAQ about Sex Doll Torso

According to a Reddit user, the sex doll torso is the greatest invention he has discovered so far. So what exactly is a sex doll torso? In fact, it is very simple, it is actually a kind of sex doll. However, torso sex toys have no limbs and usually no head. It only has sex holes (vagina and anus), penis, breasts, etc.

This is an adult product between a mini sex toy and a full-size sex doll. Its weight is usually above 3kg and below 25kg. Prices are moderate, basically between $100 and $1,000.

Are you looking for a male or female sex toy? If so, then you must be debating whether to choose a little sex toy, a full size sex doll or a sex doll torso. Now, Nicetorso's professional sex toys experts are here to provide some help with your choice.

First, consider the price. On the market, common miniature sex toys include dildo, pocket pussy, electric masturbation cups, and vibrators. These are relatively inexpensive, most don't cost more than $200, and in fact, you can get a pretty good one for $100. Relatively speaking, full size sex dolls are more expensive. Just a mid-quality full size sex doll can cost upwards of $1,500, while a slightly better one can cost $3,000. In fact, a sex doll torso can be yours for just $300 and you can get a pretty good one. In comparison, torso sex toys are an excellent choice.

Secondly, compare the sense of reality. Everyone who wants to try sex toys has one ultimate goal, which is realism and the most realistic sex pleasure. Small sex toys can usually only stimulate local areas. For example, dildo and vibrator can only be used for vaginal masturbation or anal sex, while pocket pussy and automatic masturbation cups can only be used for penis stimulation. The full size sex doll can restore real sex scenes, because it usually has a head, limbs, genitals and other designs that are indistinguishable from real people. Of course, it cannot speak or communicate. However, people have now invented a sex robot that seems to be implanted with human thinking, but it is also very expensive. Finally, explore the realism of torso sex toys. According to the experience of Twitter influencers, sex doll torso has a very real feeling. They believe that torso sex doll plays an important role in masturbation. In addition to mainstream gameplay, tits sex is also very popular.

Finally, compare portability. Do you want to enjoy the exciting feeling brought by sex toys anytime and anywhere? Then choose small sex toys that can be easily hidden in your backpack or handbag. Maybe, you also want to enjoy sex toys when you are on a business trip or traveling, then choose sex doll torso, which can usually be stored in the suitcase and then placed in the trunk of the car. If you don't have much time and energy to clean and maintain sex toys, then definitely don't choose a full-size sex doll, otherwise, you will be weighed down by it.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to overspend and don’t want to spend too much time cleaning and maintaining your sex toys, then choose a sex doll torso, which will definitely not let you down.

When buying a sex doll torso, you always worry about how the experience will be. In fact, different sex doll torsos give you completely different feelings. Each type has its characteristics and functions.

  • The materials are different and the feel is different. Silicone and TPE are two common sex toys materials. Currently, all sex doll torsos are made of these two materials. The TPE torso doll feels very soft, and its vagina, anus, and breasts are very skin-friendly. In terms of sex feeling, it has very good wrapping and fit for the genitals. Silicone love doll torso is superior to the senses. Its skin texture is very real and exactly the same as real human skin, but it feels a little harder.
  • Different types, different feelings. Mainly refers to men torso doll, women torso doll, shemale torso doll. The men torso is mainly used for riding, which is great. The women torso is mainly used to feel vaginal and breast intercourse. Shemale torso doll mainly experiences anal sex. For penetrative sex, it's better than the real thing.
  • Different sizes, different experiences. As you can see, the torso sex toys listed by Nicetorso come in different sizes and weights. For the mini sex doll torso, you can lift it up and put it down easily, and you will not be very tired during penetrative sex. As for the full size sex torso, it can lie on the bed or the floor very well without sliding, so you can thrust hard, regardless of gender.

In a word, using a sex doll torso will not make you tired, but it will make you feel real penetrative sex.

This seems to be a difficult problem because everyone has their own preferences and characteristics. However, by considering the following points, you may be able to find a torso sex doll that suits you.

Budget. This is important and should be considered when choosing any product. Choose one without hurting your wallet. In fact, being more expensive is not better. If you happen to have a sale and buy a torso sex toy, you can both save money and buy a pretty good one.

Weight. This is easy to explain, small torso toys are easy to lift and put down after playing with them, the battle is over, and at least your arms will not feel tired. Heavier torso adult toys can steadily climb in there for hands-free sex, although your dick may get tired as it unleashes its full potential to cum.

Material. If you are looking for a comfortable and soft feeling, then choose a TPE sex doll. If you want the ultimate real sensory experience, then choose a silicone sex doll. Silicone does not trap dirt and is easier to clean and care for.

Body type. Do you prefer female camgirls or porn stars, or do you prefer a BBW woman? Figure out your hobbies and choose the corresponding body type. Nicetorso has torso sex dolls in many body shapes for you.

Height or size. If you don't have enough storage space, then choose a mini sex doll torso. Unless, you want people to know that you own a fancy toy, small people are your thing.

Choose the right supplier. There are many sex doll torso suppliers in the market. Some are on the pricey side, and they may have spent a lot on advertising and promotion, when in fact the quality of their products is on par with most. Make this clear and then choose a cost-effective online shopping website for torso dolls.

Consider durability. Basically, with the current level of technology, a $300 torso sex doll can be used for more than a year without any problem.

Of course, you may choose either the traditional cowgirl position, reverse cowgirl, Asian cowgirl, squatting, alley, and so on. Usually a 3D torso sex doll has a high-grade metal skeleton built into it, which can easily assume various sex positions.

For torso body dildos and shemale sex dolls, Thanks to its flat base, the sex doll is an excellent option for many variations of use in the “woman on top” position. If you are a woman who currently doesn't have a partner or who is in a relationship but wants to experiment, he will satisfy you.

As for doggy style, it is undoubtedly best to choose a big-ass sex doll toy. In particular, the full-size big booty torso is perfect.

If you have never owned a sex toy, at least initially you should start with a sex doll torso. Because it is more unique than all other types of sex toys.

Owning a sex torso doll will not hurt your wallet, and you can easily experience the same pleasure as a full body sex doll. At the very least, you can feel the pleasure that a real female, male or shemale body brings to you, rather than the limited stimulation of the genitals by a masturbation device.

Of course, more than that, the half torso sex doll is also easy to hide. If you buy a full size sex doll, then you'd better buy a storage box, otherwise, when your friends come to your room, you will have nowhere to store it and feel extremely embarrassed.

Furthermore, realistic torso sex toys are easier to move. Of course, this is compared to a full-sized sex doll. It would be difficult for a large man to move a large, full-sized sex doll. After all, she doesn't have subjective consciousness like humans do.

Finally, it must be emphasized that half torso sex toys are easy to clean and maintain. It is worth mentioning that Nicetorso already supplies torso sex toys with cleaning functions. Just pour water into the cleaning pipe and you can easily clean it. Moreover, Nicetorso also lists the most comprehensive sex torso cleaning kit. Everything is simple, because enjoying sex is supposed to be a happy thing, isn't it?

In fact, there is nothing to pay attention to. Just remember, you’re here for the pleasure of sex. Throw away any unpleasant elements and choose the one that works for you. Of course, if you want everything to go smoothly, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

  • Expensive is not necessarily the best. On the market, many businesses advertise that their torso sex dolls are modeled after the body of a porn star. In fact, how? You need to discern. Maybe their torso doll toys are expensive, but there are many torso sex toys of equal quality that can be substituted on the market. Some are even $300 cheaper than theirs.
  • Consider your actual situation. What that means is, you should think about your preferred size. Do you like having sex face-to-face with a body of the opposite sex? Then choose a large sex doll torso. Do you like doggy style? Then choose a big booty sex doll toy.
  • Choose a reliable online shopping website. You can choose to buy it on Amazon, but you may not find a very distinctive torso doll on Amazon. Because Amazon has a very strict policy on adult products, some very realistic torso sex toys cannot be sold on Amazon. Therefore, it is especially important to choose an online shopping website.

Whether you own a sex torso toy or not, you should know the answer to this question, because it can not only help you get the most out of your sex toy, but it can also be of some help to your sex life.

Foreplay is important

The human body itself has a self-lubricating function. When visual or physical sensitive points are stimulated and teased, the genitals will secrete some fluid, which will make things go more smoothly. Therefore, whether it is real sex life or having sex with your sex doll torso, you should do some preparations before starting. If you are solo, then read some magazines or porn videos and imagine some scenes you like. If you have a partner, then tease each other. People usually like to tease nipples, ears, etc. You can explore your partner's sensitive spots.

Add enough water-based lube

Even though the human body has a self-lubricating function, if you want to fully enjoy sex doll torso, we still recommend using enough water-based lubricant. Especially for female masturbation, apply enough lubricant on the men body torso's dick and you can enter it smoothly and then shake your butt.

Explore more sex positions

Unchanged positions will make you tired and your sexual pleasure will not be that strong. Try other sex positions, and when you squirt, you'll feel the orgasm you've never had before.

Kiss your torso sex doll

At present, the materials used to make sex doll torso are very healthy and safe. When playing, you want to imagine it as your partner to stimulate hormones.

Experience more ways to have sex

In addition to the usual vaginal anal cock sex, you can try tit sex. If you buy a sex doll torso with head, then you can try oral sex.

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